Mistakes To Avoid When Booking A Hotel Room

If you are a businessman or like travelling you need to regularly book a hotel that will host you. Studies show that many people make plenty of mistakes when booking hotel rooms and this results in them having unpleasant experiences. Here are the mistakes that you should avoid making:

Booking at the wrong time

Many people know that they need to book their hotels ahead of time but few know the best time to do it. This results in them failing to get the room that they wanted. Others end up spending a lot of money than they should. Before you book a hotel, take your time to understand the area in which the hotel is located. Know the activities going on that might affect availability and price of the hotel rooms. If there is a conference going on in the area, you should expect the rooms to be scarce and go at high prices; thus you need to book early enough.

Even if there are no activities going on in the area, availability of hotel rooms may be affected by the day on which you are making the reservation. According to experts, the best time to make your reservation is on Tuesdays and Sundays. You are not only likely to get the room you have always wanted during these days, you also stand to get the rooms at extremely low prices.

Failing to read the fine details

I can’t tell you the number of people that have spent a lot of money than they should just for failing to read the fine details. Before you enter your credit card number, take your time to read all the details. Understand any fees that you may be required to pay in addition to the one indicated. Sometimes you may be required to pay resort fees, internet fees, among many others. For clarification contact the hotel.

You should also read the cancellation policies. Some hotels will refund your deposit in case you fail to travel or find another hotel but others won’t. Go through the fine print and ensure that you understand what awaits you before you enter your credit card number.

Booking a room that is too small

This mistake is common with people travelling as families. Hotel room sizes vary from one location to another; therefore, don’t assume that your family will fit in another room just because it can fit the current one. To ensure that you book the right size of the room, contact the hotel and ask about the room dimensions. Also, confirm the maximum occupancy of the rooms.


These are the mistakes that you should avoid making when booking a hotel room. To have an easy time, work with an agency that does all the work for you.

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Tips to Grab the Best London Hotel Room

Nothing compares with the rush of knowing you’ve got the best room in the whole hotel. The thrill of great value for money, luxurious comfort and superb views can be an intoxicating high.

In this article we share with you a few tips to get the best room at whatever hotel you happen to choose.

Book the best room in a cheaper hotel

You may often find you can get a better room and superior value for money by booking the most expensive room in a mid-price hotel, rather than a smaller room in a more upmarket hotel.

Be smart and savvy

Research the differences within hotels between different wings or floors. Some of the best rooms in the Soho Hotel for example are on the 5th floor, while the Park Lane Hilton’s top floors house its best, recently-refurbished rooms.

Do you really need a room with a view?

Rooms with a view are always going to be more expensive but may not always deliver on the view they promise. In a highly urbanised area such as central London, the view can be somewhat limited and often disappointing. Rooms with views can also be noisier than rooms without views if they overlook a busy road.

Ask for other options

There’s no need to bullishly demand another room. But politely asking to see other options can often work wonders, while maintaining a good relationship with the hotel staff.

Do your research

Blogs like London Hotels Insight can give you inside knowledge regarding the best rooms at many of London’s best hotels. Before booking, you should invest some time to get to know different hotels and discover where the best rooms are.

Hopefully we’ve given you a few ideas here which you can use to find the hotel room of your dreams. Just remember: do your research and try to haggle where necessary. You have nothing to lose and may end up making substantial savings on your trip budget!

Choosing the Best San Diego Hotel Rooms

When traveling to San Diego, it’s a good idea to check out what the area is like before arriving. There are so many parts to this fabulous city, that it will be hard to determine what San Diego hotel rooms are going to be the best deals. Many factors need to be taken into consideration, such as; the hotel accommodations, services and amenities offered by the hotel, dining choices, if there are any special rates, and which ones are located near popular attractions.

Accommodations- The decision on what type of room is needed should be easy enough to make. Most hotels have the option of choosing between suites with one or two king-sized beds, or one bed and a pull-out couch. There is usually just one bathroom in the smaller rooms, but some suites also have balconies, refrigerators, microwaves, and television. If necessary, there are also rooms that have wheelchair accessibility. Family rooms often have one large bed and a set of bunk beds, which is very exciting for the kids.

Services and Amenities- If the trip to San Diego is for business, be sure to check on the availability of access to fax and copy machines. They usually offer the rental of audio and visual equipment and have an excellent variety of meeting rooms. Wireless high-speed Internet services are almost always offered, as well as computer use, in case an extra is needed.

For families, there are numerous hotels with activities for children, kids’ menus, and even video rentals of movies that children enjoy. Cribs are available for babies and toddlers, as well as high chairs. These can make traveling with very small children a smoother process. Airport transportation can be a huge plus, especially when there is a large family traveling to the hotel. It’s hard to find a taxi big enough to carry everyone, plus the luggage.

Added services provided by most hotels include; an ATM in the lobby, complimentary breakfast and/or beverage area, multi-lingual staff members, room service, and safety deposit boxes. There is often the option for baggage storage when check out comes way before the tram to the airport is due to leave. For general personal cleanliness, some hotels have barber shops and laundromats included inside the hotel. Pools and fitness rooms are found in just about every popular hotel in San Diego, even water parks for kids and relaxing Jacuzzis for the adults.

Dining Choices- Many hotels will have at least one restaurant, while others will also have a pub or multiple eateries to choose from. There is usually room service that can be ordered between mid-morning and 10pm. If there is a strong desire to eat outside the restaurant, the main desk generally has a map or a listing of places nearby to eat at.

Specials and Discounts- Some hotels will give one night at a discounted price for booking multiple days in a row. Other places will offer packages for sites in the city in combination with a night’s stay; such as a trip to the local zoo, a night at the drive-in theater, or a trip to Sea World. There are also packages that include the whole family, even the pet or pets of the house can stay at the hotel with the family. Booking rooms way in advance will usually generate a discounted price. It’s always a good idea to check on what might be available for a discounted rate.

Attractions- Finding a hotel that is in the center of things is fantastic, but not always feasible. The best way to handle this is to make a list of sights to see in order of importance. There are many hotels that are near multiple sights. There are also some that can easily provide transportation to some of the hot spots. Top attractions in San Diego are; the San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park, Sea World, Legoland, Balboa Park, San Diego Harbor, Old Town San Diego, Mission Bay Park, La Jolla, and the many magnificent beaches.

Booking any of the San Diego hotel rooms can usually be accomplished over the internet or phone. Both are equally as easy and can be done any time of day. When booking online, there’s a section to fill out with the dates of the desired stay and availability is checked once this information is entered. After the dates, number of people, and the type of room are filled in and submitted, the total cost is listed. If this is acceptable, a credit card is used to secure the room, but won’t be charged until after the stay.

Hotel Room For Sale – Hotel Room For Sale Review

Hotel room for sale is available in many high-end hotels and the concept is if you love the hotel room, buy it mortgage it and earn the continuous money from it. Sometimes a few friends buy together a hotel room available for sale in a hotel for investment purposes. The rooms are available from few thousand dollars to more than hundred thousand dollars depending on the type of hotel and the facilities provided with the room.

The hotel room for sale sometimes comes with the additional benefits such as room service, swimming pool facility, gymnasium, tennis courts, and restaurant and sauna facilities.

The hotel room for sale is benefiting those people who love a particular city and regularly visit the city. The concept for hotel room for sale is more than a decade old now and is becoming popular in some of the cities in United States. The hotel gives permission to use the hotel for the desired duration of your stay in the hotel and for the remaining period the hotel will offer for rent. A certain percentage of the rent received by the hotel is given to you.

The hotel industry is continuously growing and in the near future a lot of new hotels are required to meet the demand of hotels in United States and that needs a lot of investments. To meet the financial requirement and investing in new hotels, hotel management partially finance money from offering hotel room for sale and now more and more hotel rooms are being sold. However, these hotels will have to share their profits with the hotel room buyers and therefore they will have to advertise their hotels in a big way to attract more and more customers to retain their profit.

Some of the factors that a buyer will need to monitor before selecting a particular hotel room is its occupancy rate and split of rent received from the hotel room. These factors are of primary importance and the other factors that should also be considered are location, hotel’s popularity and the hotel’s general reputation. If the hotel is popular and has a good reputation, it is expected to do a good business and therefore a good return from the investment is expected.

If the occupancy rate is too poor, the room will remain often vacant and the rent room received from it will not be sufficient enough to cover the annual expenses. A poor split rent received by the owner or poor occupancy of the hotel room may not generate sufficient money for repaying the mortgage and therefore can be risky. However most of the time the hotels do not disclose the occupancy figures at the time of buying hotel room and therefore the decision before investing in hotel room should be carefully taken.

Hotel Price Comparison – How to Get the Best Rate on Any Hotel Room

Getting a good deal on a hotel room can be a tricky proposition, there often seems to be a magic formula for determining room rates. It’s kind of like when you fly on an air plane and discover the guy in the seat next to you paid half what you did for your ticket. Hotels are the same you will often find that the guy in the room next to you paid significantly less for his room than you did for yours. This mysterious pricing makes hotel price comparisons difficult to do and that makes it hard to know if you are getting a good deal. There are however some tried and true ways to get the cheapest price on a hotel room.

1) Last minute deals

One of the ways that you can save money on a hotel is by looking for last minute deals. A hotel room is a perishable item, it can’t be saved and sold again later. If a room isn’t used for a night they will never recoup that loss. This is obviously bad for hotels so they will usually offer pretty good deals in order to prevent a room being left empty. This is great news for the traveller since it means that there are usually rooms available at far below market prices. The best way to find these deals is to look on the internet, there are many websites that will allow for hotel price comparisons. During the slow season most hotels will have empty rooms so there is a fair bit of competition to fill them. The downside to this approach is that there often aren’t any deals available during the busy season, this is a technique that works best during the off season.

2) Book hotels well ahead

The other way to get a good hotel deal is to take just the opposite approach and book well ahead of time. As previously mentioned hotels like to make sure there rooms are full since they can’t save a room and resell it at a future date. Therefor they like to get the rooms booked as early as possible, this not only helps to ensure the room gets used it also helps them with their planning. In order to do this hotels often will offer lower rates for people who book well in advance. Again the way to do this is to go online and do a hotel price comparison and make sure that you are getting the best deal possible.

3) Use Hotel Price comparison tools

A surefire way of finding the best hotel deal is using hotel price comparison websites. These websites draw prices directly from multiple hotel booking websites. Savings in time and money often are significant, especially when your travelling dates are fixed and you can’t use other two methods described above.

Easy way of comparing hotel prices

Want to find the best hotel price every time? Start using RoomGator, No. 1 hotel price comparison website.